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天水林 (TMCschool Taiwan) 的宗旨


  1. 提供安全的泰式傳統舒壓及泰式腳底舒壓教學與服務。
  2. 讓有興趣的學習者進一步瞭解泰式傳統舒壓及泰式腳底舒壓。
  3. 將基本手法技能傳授給大眾。
  4. 提供完整的學習機會給想從事舒壓的業者。
  5. 協助泰國清邁按摩學校(TMC)提昇泰式傳統舒壓於國際學術界的接受度。


天水林養生館 TMCschool Taiwan
E-mail: info@tmcschooltaiwan.com
Tel.: 02-28760962 0952789829 王先生 John


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We follow the mission of TMC

  1. To provide hands-on skills in Thai massage and Thai Foot Reflexology for safe practice.
  2. To implement better understanding of Thai massage and Thai Foot Reflexology for interested learners.
  3. To offer foundation-level skills to the general public.
  4. To provide advanced educational opportunities to massage practitioners
  5. Assist Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai (TMC) to promote international acceptance of Thai Massage as an academic field.

For provide better service to our clients and promote to reach TMCschool Taiwan mission, we welcome people (whether from same business area or not) bring up cooperation proposal to TMCschool Taiwan. Thank you very much!!